Children's hairpins, bangs, fresh cute hairgrip, set, Korean style, flowered, internet celebrity

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Product Code: abb-672677276184
Approximate Weight: 0.01Kg
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ColorPurple fruit set with bow, 2#Sunflower Rainbow 14 sets, Fuchsia set, flowered, 4#yellow sunflower 14 sets, 5#yellow wool flower 14 pieces set, 6#Purple Mavericks 14 pieces, 7#pink starfish 14 pieces set, 8#Pink Star Delu 14 sets, 9#Purple fox 14 pieces, 10#yellow duck 14 sets, 11#Coffee color lamb 14 sets, Blue rabbit, set, 14 pieces, 13#Rose Purple Cat 14 sets
MaterialPlastic resin
Goods numberAL659724014331
StyleChildren's hairgrip, Korean version of Korean style
Processing processManual
CategoryChildren's hairgrip
Place of originJinhua
Main downstream platformTaobao, Jingdong, ebay, PDD, Amazon, wish, Quick worker, LINIO, SHEIN, Aliexpress, Tmall, Independent station, LAZADA, Pinduoduo, shopee, Tik Tok, Vertical e -commerce, Other
There is an authorized self -owned brandNo
Whether the supply of supply of cross -border exportsYes
Popular elementsQuadrilateral
Listing year/season2022
Style classificationFresh, cute
Main sales areaAfrica, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, North-east Asia, Middle East, Other
For peopleChild
Popular element classificationGeometry

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